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2 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts/N3 | Ford F-150 4WD (2014-2020) Rough Country
2 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts/N3 | Ford F-150 4WD (2014-2020) Rough Country
2 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts/N3 | Ford F-150 4WD (2014-2020) Rough Country
2 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts/N3 | Ford F-150 4WD (2014-2020) Rough Country
2 Inch Lift Kit | N3 Struts/N3 | Ford F-150 4WD (2014-2020) Rough Country
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2 Inch Lift Kit

Rough Country
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Level your F-150 with Rough Country's new, head-turning Aluminum Leveling Spacer. This easy to install, innovative...

2 Inch Lift Kit
Level your F-150 with Rough Country's new, head-turning Aluminum Leveling Spacer. This easy to install, innovative Aluminum Spacer combines great looks and strength, while providing 2 inches of lift. This new spacer features aircraft quality, T6061 Billet Aluminum offering enhanced durability against elements like rain and rust. Rough Country's new spacer design has a driver and passenger side pattern that allows for clearance between the upper control arm and the strut. This simple design is easy to install with a 100% bolt-on installation process that can be done in mere hours. Best of all, this simple kit levels the front of your truck with the rear, giving your vehicle an overall more aggressive appearance and plenty of room for up to 35-inch tires.

Features:Easy bolt-on installation Maintains factory ride quality Increased ground clearance Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle Built from aircraft quality T6061 Billet Aluminum

Notes:Does NOT fit Raptor models. SKU: 50004 Strut upgrade does NOT work on 2WD models


Tire Info:295/60R20:Factory 20:6x135:-:0.25 Spacer;285/75R17:Factory 17:6x135:-:-;285/70R18:Factory 18:6x135:-:-;33x12.50R17:17x8.5:6x135:+0:-;285/70R17:17x8.5:6x135:+0:-;33x12.50R17:17x8.5:6x135:+1:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:6x135:-12:-;285/70R17:17x9:6x135:-12:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:6x135:+0:-;285/70R17:17x9:6x135:+0:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:6x135:+1:-;285/70R17:17x9:6x135:+1:-;33x12.50R17:17x9:6x135:+18:-;285/70R17:17x9:6x135:+18:-;33x12.50R18:18x8.5:6x135:+0:-;305/60R18:18x8.5:6x135:+0:-;33x12.50R18:18x8.5:6x135:+1:-;305/60R18:18x8.5:6x135:+1:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:6x135:-12:Trimming Required;285/65R18:18x9:6x135:-12:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:6x135:+0:-;305/60R18:18x9:6x135:+0:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:6x135:+1:-;305/60R18:18x9:6x135:+1:-;285/65R18:18x9:6x135:+1:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:6x135:+18:-;305/60R18:18x9:6x135:+18:-;33x12.50R18:18x9:6x135:+20:-;305/60R18:18x9:6x135:+20:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:6x135:-12:-;305/55R20:20x9:6x135:-12:-;285/55R20:20x9:6x135:-12:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:6x135:+0:-;305/55R20:20x9:6x135:+0:-;285/55R20:20x9:6x135:+0:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:6x135:+1:-;305/55R20:20x9:6x135:+1:-;285/55R20:20x9:6x135:+1:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:6x135:+18:-;305/55R20:20x9:6x135:+18:-;33x12.50R20:20x9:6x135:+20:-;305/55R20:20x9:6x135:+20:-;285/55R20:20x9:6x135:+20:-;33x12.50R20:20x10:6x135:-25:Trimming Required;305/55R20:20x10:6x135:-25:Minor Trimming;285/55R20:20x10:6x135:-25:-;33x12.50R20:20x10:6x135:-24:Trimming Required;305/55R20:20x10:6x135:-24:Minor Trimming;285/55R20:20x10:6x135:-24:-;33x12.50R20:20x10:6x135:-19:Trimming Required;305/55R20:20x10:6x135:-19:Minor Trimming;285/55R20:20x10:6x135:-19:-;33x12.50R20:20x10:6x135:-18:Trimming Required;305/55R20:20x10:6x135:-18:Minor Trimming;285/55R20:20x10:6x135:-18:-;33x12.50R20:20x12:6x135:-44:Trimming Required;305/55R20:20x12:6x135:-44:-;33x12.50R22:22x10:6x135:-25:Trimming Required;33x12.50R22:22x10:6x135:-24:Trimming Required;33x12.50R22:22x10:6x135:-19:Trimming Required;33x12.50R22:22x10:6x135:-18:Trimming Required;33x12.50R22:22x12:6x135:-44:Trimming Required





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